Black rubber scorpion 1
Black rubber scorpion

The black rubber scorpion is a item found in little big planet in the Canyons. It's first and last apperance in a level on story mode is on the level Boom town. There are a number of them blocking your path and they make it harder to drag the explosives past them. That is there only apperance but you can find other types of scorpions in little big planet psp.


The black rubber scorpion has one sound which is the insect sound. This noise is heard when you walk past a Black rubber scorpion. This sound is found in the animals sound section.

Deadly areasEdit

If you touch the Black rubber scorpions tail you will instantly die. You will also die if you touch either of it's claws. The rest of it is grabbable.

Prize bubbleEdit

The prize bubble is found if you push the cart and use it as a step to get the prize bubble.


  • Even though it's name is the Black rubber scorpion it isn't made of rubber because rubber isn't grabbable and the Black rubber scorpion is.
  • If you touch either of his claws or tail you die the same to if you died by standing on a spike.