The king 1
The King

The King is a character that is first introduced in the game Little big planet. He then later appears in Little big planet 2 in Eve's Asylum. The king is one of the many Creator Curators and is mostly found in the Gardens which is the first world, and contains the levels Introduction, First steps, Get a grip and Skate to victory. The King is married to another character called the Queen who is the Creator Curator of tutorials. The King is friends with the other Creator Curators, Humpty, Wooden steed and Sackboy (Sackgirl). The King only becomes friends with the Collector at the end of the game. The King teaches you how to play in the start of the game. He starts to teach you on First steps because on introduction Steven Fry tells you how to do basic moves like jump and walk.


The king has two different sound files King informative and King jolly. Both of them sound almost the same. They are both found in the tweak menu for the magic mouth. These voices are featured in Little big planet and Little big planet 2. Neither of these voices apperead in Little big planet PSP. These voices where also in the game of the year edition.

The GardensEdit

The Gardens is the area that the King owns.